The Women and Water Lecture Series, hosted by the Global Institute for Water Security, Global Water Futures - Young Professionals and Global Water Futures, will occur monthly from January to April. The series will showcase research, support young professionals and provide a space for dialogue and networking. Additionally, the series will explore water-related challenges, roles of women in water, gendered water-related impacts, women researchers in water, and challenges and opportunities facing female water researchers.

2021 Schedule

All lectures will be virtual and held at 12:30 pm CST (UTC-6)

Date Topic Guests

January 14

Water Policy

Felicia Marcus, Stanford University

Graham Strickert, University of Saskatchewan

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February 11

Sustainable Ecosystems

Isabelle Durance, Cardiff University

Jared Wolfe, University of Saskatchewan

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March 18

Valuing Water

Diane Dupont, Brock University

Diana Karanja, COHESU

Andrea Rowe, University of Saskatchewan

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April 8

Women in the Field

Stephanie Pow, Water Survey of Canada

Lorelei Ford, Water Security Agency

Lindsey Langs, University of Saskatchewan



Past Lecture Series

Women and Water Playlist: December 2018 - April 2019

  1. Women in Water: A Goal of Roles, Responsibilities, and Opportunities
  2. Climate Change and Society, featuring:
    • Dr. Maureen Reed, Reseaercher, University of Saskatchewan
    • Dr. David Natcher, Researcher, University of Saskatchewan
    • Maria Mora, PhD Candidate
  3. Ecosystem Services, featuring:
    • Dr. Heidi Swanson, Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo
    • Dr. Michelle Johnson-Jennings, Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan
    • Dr. Patrick Lloyd-Smith, Assistant Professor, University of Saskatchewan
  4. Knowledge Mobilization, featuring:
    • Kathryn Warden, Director of Research and Profile, University of Saskatchewan
    • Stephanie Merrill, Knowledge Mobilization Specialist, University of Saskatchewan
    • Holly Annand, PhD Candidate
  5. Snow and Ice, featuring:
    • Dr. Gwenn Flowers, Glaciologist, Simon Fraser University
    • Caroline Aubry-Wake, PhD Candidate