Second Annual General Meeting, June 2019


June 12-13, 2019
Louis' Loft, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon SK

This is the 2nd annual general meeting for IMPC to present, evaluate, and discuss progress and strategies for knowledge mobilization in the second year of the program. This discussion will be in collaboration with the Global Water Futures Core Modelling team. Investigators, highly qualified personnel, collaborators, and representatives of various local, provincial, and national stakeholders are all invited to attend this meeting.

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Detailed Agenda

Below you can find info on our previous meetings.

Contact: Dr. Amin Haghnegahdar, Program Manager,




First Annual General Meeting, July 2018

IMPC First Annual General Meeting was attended by nearly 90 individuals from 16 academic, regulatory, indigenous, and industrial organizations.

July 18-19, 2018
National Hydrology Research Centre, Saskatoon SK

IMPC held its first annual general meeting on July 18-19th, 2018 at National Hydrology Research Centre, Saskatoon. This was a chance for members of the IMPC team, as well as the Global Water Futures (GWF) Core Modelling Team, to present, evaluate, and discuss their progress over the past year. Strategies for user-engagement and knowledge mobilization were also discussed during the meeting.

Nearly 90 people from academic, regulatory, and industrial sectors attended the meeting in-person or online. Attendees included researchers, students, collaborators, and representatives of various indigenous, municipal, provincial, and national stakeholders from 16 organizations, including the University of Saskatchewan, University of Manitoba, University of Waterloo, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Prairie Provinces Water Board, Government of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Water Security Agency, SaskPower, Partners for the Saskatchewan River Basin, Alberta Environment and Parks, City of Calgary, Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation, Manitoba Hydro, Yukon Department of Environment, and Cumberland House. Martyn Clark, from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, was the featured speaker for the meeting.

In addition to presentations by lead researchers, the meeting was designed to provide extra opportunities for knowledge user communities to engage in discussions via café discussion tables and a modelling panel, and also for Highly Qualified Personel to showcase their work through poster and interactive presentations. The notable final remarks from the strategic advisor to GWF, Professor Howard Wheater, highlighted the significance of creating a community of researchers and users by IMPC so far, the significance of inclusion of the indigenous communities in the research, and the scientific and management progresses and challenges of IMPC to advance the research over year 2 of the program. Two members of the IMPC/GWF team recently passed away, Ric Soulis and Ric Yanowicz, were remembered during this meeting.


Kick-Off Workshop, September 2017

The IMPC Inception Meeting was attended by 70 individuals from 16 academic, regulatory and industrial organizations.

September 14-15, 2017
National Hydrology Research Centre, Saskatoon SK

The aim of the IMPC Kick-Off Workshop was to plan for large-scale modelling activities for forecasting, prediction, and water resources management and decision support over the next three years, until August 2020. Key objectives also included integrating the Core Global Water Futures (GWF) Modelling group into IMPC, as well as engaging knowledge producers and collaborators at the outset of the program.

Nearly 70 people from 16 academic, regulatory, and industrial sectors attended the workshop in-person or online to present and discuss their objectives, plans, and perspectives. Distinguished Professor Eric Wood from Princeton University also participated in this workshop as one of the international advisors to the IMPC program.

Final concluding remarks of the workshop emphasized a need for:

  • Right and clear directions from the management team for efficient and timely progress;
  • A clear Inception Report that outlines explicit plans, timelines, and deliverables;
  • A User Engagement Strategy that clearly outlines plans for engaging diverse stakeholders and partners; and
  • Close coordination between IMPC and the core modelling team.


Global Water Futures: Overview, Updates and Links to IMPC (Wheater)

Overview of IMPC Objectives and Research Themes (Razavi)

Research Theme A

Overview of Theme A: Integrated Earth Systems Modelling (Pietroniro)

High-Resolution Atmospheric Modelling (Li)

Advancing Modelling Strategies for Canada: MESH, VIC & CHM (Pomeroy)

GEM-Hydro (Vionnet)

The HYPE Experience (Stadnyk)

Model Inter-Comparison and Multi-Model Analysis (Tolson)

User Perspective: State of Hydrologic Forecasting in Manitoba (Unduche)

User Perspective: State of Hydrologic Forecasting in the Yukon (Janowicz)

Non-Point Source Modelling: HYPE and the Future of MESH & CHM (Costa)

Water Quality Modelling and River Ice Modelling (Lindenschmidt)

Floodplain and Flood Risk Analysis: A SaskRB Perspective (Elshorbagy)

Floodplain and Flood Risk Analysis: Great Lakes RB Perspective and FloodNET Experience (Coulibaly)

Characterization & Attirbution of Uncertainty in Modelling (Razavi)

Research Theme B

Overview of Theme B: Water Management Modelling & Saskatchewan RB case (Razavi)

Water Resources Modelling: Manitoba and the Nelson-Churchill (Asadzadeh)

In-Stream Flow Demand: Aquatic Ecosystem Health Indicators (Jardine/Peters)

Hydro-Economic Modelling (Brouwer)

User Perspective: Prairie Provinces Water Board (Renouf)

User Perspective: Irrigation Demands in the Prairie and Irrigation Expansion (Tollefson)

User Perspective: WSA Issues, Lake Diefenbaker, and More (Hallborg)

User perspective: WRMM and Alberta issues (Tang)

User Perspective: Manitoba Hydro's Perspective on WRMM (Gawne)

Research Theme C and Theme D

Overview of Theme C: Decision Making Under Uncertainty and Non-Stationarity (Razavi)

Vulnerability Analysis of Environmental Change: Applications to Water Resource Futures for Saskatchewan (Wheater)

Exploratory Modelling and Decision Support (Gober)

GWF and IMPC Plans for Knowledge Mobilization (Strickert)

Human-Computer Interface and Visualization (Gutwin)

Core Modelling Team

Overview of Core Modelling Positions (Pietroniro)

Project Management

Project Management and Planning (Haghnegahdar)