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   You attend one of the GWF national or international partner institutions

   You are actively involved with one of the GWF research projects

   You are a student, postdoc, or research associate within 5 years of graduating from graduate school

   You want to network with other researchers and share your experiences

   You are interested in professional development opportunities

   You like to socialize and have fun!

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Meet your executive!

Holly Annand - University of Saskatchewan Chapter Chair and GWF YP President

Holly is in the third year of her PhD under the supervision of Dr. John Pomeroy and Dr. Howard Wheater. Holly studies the influence of climate change and agricultural drainage on streamflow in the Canadian Prairies.

Samina Hayat - University of Waterloo Chapter Chair

Samina will be starting her Master's in September under the supervision of Dr. Mark Servos at the University of Waterloo. Her project will focus on aging fish to determine growth rates and how it relates to vulnerability of fish to contaminants in their environment. 


Erin Nicholls – McMaster University Chapter Chair

Erin started her PhD in January at McMaster University with Dr. Sean Carey. Her research examines the influence of vegetation structure on water and energy cycling within Canada's north-western mountains. 


Cory Wallace - Wilfrid Laurier University Chapter Chair

Cory is in the third of year of his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Baltzer at Wilfrid Laurier University. Cory’s research focuses on the expansion of tall shrubs at the treeline-tundra ecotone of the Northwest Territories and the effects these shrubs have on their local environment.


Nadine Shatilla – McMaster University CYHS Chair

Nadine is in the fourth year of her PhD and is part of the Watershed Hydrology Group led by Dr. Sean Carey at McMaster University. Nadine's research focuses on how natural tracers can improve our understanding of sources and flow pathways at different scales in a rapidly changing northern, alpine environment.


Kelly Biagi - McMaster University CYHS Co-chair

Kelly is in the third year of her PhD at McMaster University under the supervision of Dr. Sean Carey. Kelly's research focuses on the hydrological evolution of constructed peatlands in a post-mining landscape in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region. 



The GWF - Annual Science Meeting (ASM)

From June 3-6, McMaster University and Six Nations of the Grand River hosted the first Annual Science Meeting of Global Water Futures. The first activities of the GWF-YP group also took place! Organised in collaboration with the Canadian Young Hydrologic Society, we hosted 4 events during the conference. 

Dr. Jeff McDonnell (University of Saskatchewan) gave an informative talk entitled, “The Art of Scientific Investigation,” providing advice on navigating grad school and career paths, attributes of successful scientists and tips on communicating research outcomes. The talk was attended by a total of 90 undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral fellows and early career professionals. Thank you to Dr. McDonnell for speaking and to all YPs that attended!

Following the Professional Development Workshop, YPs gathered at The Phoenix Bar and Grill. Over 100 students of all levels, post-doctoral fellows and early career professionals gathered to network and socialize. Attendees represented over 17 universities across the country. GWF-YP Chapter Chairs introduced themselves and kicked off the GWF-YP program for the 2018-2019 year.  Following the social networking event, attendees gathered at a bonfire on campus to continue the networking and discussion of ongoing GWF-YP research projects.

Excellent research conducted by GWP-YPs were highlighted in a research competition. With over 80 participants, presentations showcased the incredible water-related research from across the country. Thank you to all who participated and served as judges in this competition. Congratulations to our winners:

Student Winners:

1) Meredith Marshall – University of Waterloo  - “Incorporation and tillage practices to mitigate phosphorus loss through tile drains following fall application of dairy manure” (Poster Presentation)

2) Ana Laserna – McMaster University – “Chemiresistive sensors for monitoring the concentration of metal cations in water” (Poster Presentation)

PDF Winners:

1) Kim Van Meter – University of Waterloo – “Landscape Legacies: Long-Term Nutrient Trajectories in Great Lakes watersheds and Beyond” (Oral Presentation)

2) Mahyar Shafii – University of Waterloo – “Spatio-temporal variations of landscape nitrate fluxes in agricultural catchments driven by flow pathways and nutrient transport mechanisms” (Oral Presentation)

Dr. John Pomeroy highlighted the role of the Young Professionals Program within the larger GWF context and encouraged YPs to “Follow your instincts and follow your passions.” Following Dr. Pomeroy's talk, YPs headed to Fairweather Brewing Company for a YP social. 

Many thanks the countless volunteers at McMaster and Six Nations, and the GWF secretariat that helped make the Inaugural Annual Science Meeting such a success! In particular, many undergraduate students from the McMaster Water Network Student Chapter helped with booklets, greeted and guided ASM participants throughout the ASM.