Short Study Plan

List of short sub-study plans and sub-sub-study plans for GWF-eDNA project

1.  Comparing eDNA-based biodiversity assessments with biological inventories in Great Plains rivers, streams and wetlands

     a.  eDNA-based ecological effects of Husky Oil spill on North Saskatchewan River

     b.  eDNA-based ecological effects of human activities on boreal watershed of Saskatchewan

     c.  eDNA-based survey of wetlands of the Saskatchewan River Delta

2.  Application of an advanced and user-friendly rapid environmental DNA protocol to detect aquatic invasive species (AIS)

3.  Development and calibration of next-generation environmental DNA protocols in support of Environmental Effects Monitoring programs

a.  Comparison of eDNA metabarcoding and conventional biomonitoring of ORANO’s EEM field sampling

4.  Developing and benchmarking eDNA metabarcoding for freshwater fish monitoring in Canada

5.  Developing eDNA metabarcoding for freshwater zooplankton monitoring in Experiment Lakes Area, Canada

6.  Ecogenomic responses to inorganic selenium in Experimental Lakes Area: a mesocosm study

7.  Ecogenomic responses to the diluted bitumen in Experimental Lakes Area: a mesocosm study

8.  Environmental DNA (eDNA) method development for brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) biomonitoring in the Grand River tributaries

9.  Impacts of multiple stressors on rates of eDNA shedding and degradation in brook, brown, and rainbow trout

10.  Using fish RNA collected from water (eRNA) as a measure of stress