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IISD Experimental Lakes Area (ELA)


Mesocosm study

ELA is one of the world's most influential freshwater research facilities.


Aquatic Toxicology Research Facility (ATRF)

Mesocosm study

ATRF is the only laboratory of its type in Canada where researchers can study the adverse effects of chemical and physical agents on aquatic organisms under controlled environmental conditions. The 7,100 sq. ft. facility was designed to simultaneously provide different water quality parameters and temperatures ranging from less than 6 to 45°C in order to perform both static and continuous flow toxicology experiments with a broad range of freshwater organisms including algae, crustaceans, insects, clams, amphibians and small and large species of fish.

Aquatic Toxicology Research 1Aquatic Toxicology Reasearch 2

NextSeq 500, Illumina

eDNA next-generation sequencing

The NextSeq 500 can generate 100–120 Giga base pairs in 29 hours (2 × 150 bp sequencing chemistry).


MiSeq, Illumina

eDNA next-generation sequencing

The MiSeq can generate 13.2–15 Giga base pairs in 56 hours (2 × 300 bp sequencing chemistry).


QuantStudio 6 Flex, Thermofisher

eDNA barcoding for target species;

With one instrument, you can interchange between 96-well, 96-well Fast, and 384-well formats. Detect as small as 1.5-fold changes in singleplex reactions and 10 logs dynamic range.


2100 molecular analyzer, Agilent

Quality control for sequencing libraries;

Agilent 2100 molecular analyzer is a standard tool for quality control of next-generation sequencing libraries.

2100 Molecular Analyzer

TissueLyser II, Qiagen

DNA isolation for tissue or environmental samples;

TissueLyser II is for medium- to high-throughput sample (48 or 192 samples) disruption for molecular analysis with convenient and secure disruption process. It can generate reproducible results with difficult-to-lyse samples.


QIAgility, Qiagen

eDNA sample normalization and PCR setup;

the QIAgility is a compact benchtop instrument that enables rapid, high-precision setup of PCR experiments with ready-to-use software for ease and convenience


QuantStudio5, Thermofisher

eDNA quantification for target species; interchangeable chemistries (96-well, 96-well fast); multiplexing capability; 1.5 fold discrimination; 10 log dynamic range


UW Wet Lab

The UW Wet Lab houses fish and other organisms for study with several separate lab sections for rearing and experimenting with animals.

UW Wet Lab