About Us


The Global Water Futures - Young Professionals group aims to stimulate the interaction, inclusion and participation of young professionals and early career researchers in activities that represent and pursue the interests of the YP community within the broader scientific landscape of GWF.

To do so, the GWF-YP aims to:

    1. Enrich opportunities for professional development available to all early career researchers young professionals across the GWF institutions, by organizing novel events and initiating collaborations with existing networks

    2. Connect early career researchers and GWF-YPs across Canadian institutions to facilitate exchange of scientific ideas and experiences through online activities and social events.

    3. Represent and further the interests, presence and inclusion of young professionals in the GWF scientific community

    4. Provide a platform/community to facilitate connections between diverse hydrology-related disciplines with emphasis on linking policy, and the social and physical aspects of water science.


The GWF-YP consists of two executives from each GWF partner institution (USask, University of Waterloo, McMaster University, and Wilfrid Laurier University) and two from GWF-affiliated universities.

The GWF-YP brings together YP’s from all partnering institutions under the umbrella of the GWF program. Although most institutions already have their own respective water-related student groups, the GWF-YP provides a sense of community amongst YP in the same research program. GWF-YP members are able and encouraged to join other student groups as they seem fit which will aid in collaboration among multiple student groups in a region.

Membership Categories and Eligibility

All undergraduate/graduate, postdoctoral fellows and technicians under the GWF program will automatically become GWF-YP members (unless otherwise advised).

GWF YP Membership Categories:

A.   Students, post-doctoral fellows, or recent graduates within 5 years:

      • Current students attending any national or international partnering university or within 5 years of last degree (undergraduate or graduate) and affiliated with a GWF project. Eligible for GWF YP funding (travel support or awards).

B.   Technicians and project managers (staff):

      • Self-identified YP (technicians, project managers) affiliated with a GWF project. Not eligible to participate in competitions or receive awards.

Overlapping between A and B (recent graduates now working as staff) - eligibility for awards will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Get Involved

Reach out to your home institution GWF YP Executives to get connected! 

All GWF YP's are encouraged to sign up for the GWF-YP email list to be the first to know about professional development opportunities, courses, jobs, bursaries/scholarships and so much more! To ensure each member is affiliated with GWF, members are asked to fill out a brief form asking for information on home institution, position, supervisor name, and GWF project affiliation.