Upcoming in 2024

Final Annual Partners Meeting

Dates: May 1–2, 2024

Location: Alt Hotel, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

At this meeting we will share plain language research results, show how Prairie Water research can be applied, and reflect on project successes and misses, prioritizing perspectives from partners. By bringing together a diverse group of people invested in water, we also hope to continue to support relationships within the water community.

CWRA National Conference

June 17–19, 2024 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

At the Canada Water Resource Association 2024 National Conference, we are hosting a session on “Water management on the prairies: Grand challenges and solutions”.

We are also hosting a companion workshop for this session to enhance the mobilization and application of tools developed by the Prairie Water team. Our workshop is titled, “Water management tools for the Prairies: PHyDAP and more” (planned for June 16, 2024).

Session Description:

Communities in the Canadian Prairies increasingly need to manage water in ways that promote resilience to risks from drought, flooding, degraded water quality and climate change. Risks to water security are often tied to surrounding land management practices, which can either enhance or mitigate risk, and socioeconomic realities. Collectively, do we have the knowledge to find solutions for these challenges?

This session will feature presentations on water resources research and practice, with an emphasis on emerging knowledge, tools and approaches that can be implemented to address the grand challenges to water security in the region. Research and tools from the Prairie Water project, with >5 years of transdisciplinary research on water management challenges in the region, will be featured. We strongly encourage abstract submissions from organizations and research groups that are focused on water management and solutions to water insecurity on the Prairies, spanning biophysical to social dimensions and local to regional scale work. We endeavour to structure the session in a way that will promote questions and discussion among our audience and speakers, centred on putting solutions into practice.

Past events

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