In October 2021 Prairie Water held a workshop introducing our Prairie Runoff Routing and Flood Modelling Tool. One of the outcomes of the workshop was that we need to come up with a catchier name, so watch this space! The workshop was a continuance of Prairie Water’s commitment to open dialogue among researchers and water managers to translate Prairie specific water science into useable and useful products. The best tools are those that are user-driven and developed.

Having carried out a successful ‘proof-of-concept’ test in early 2021, Prairie Water decided it was time to share the prototype tool with water managers in the Prairies and held an introductory workshop on October 13th, 2021. At this workshop, short presentations were given to describe the tool, why it is needed, and to explore potential applications identified by our partners. Below are the presentation slides and videos from the workshop.

Presentation 1

“Why a new tool is needed for Canadian Prairie Modelling”

Kevin Shook, University of Saskatchewan

Kevin has been at the University of Saskatchewan for 14 YEARS, studying the complex hydrology of the Canadian Prairies. He has contributed significantly to the work of the University’s Centre for Hydrology, the Global Institute for Water Security, and Global Water Futures. Kevin is a member of the Prairie Water team and the key architect of the research on which the Prairie Runoff Routing and Flood Modelling tool is founded.

Kevin Shook - Why we need a Prairie tool PDF


Presentation 2

“Culvert Modelling Applications”

Katherine Finn, North Saskatchewan River Basin Council

Katherine is the manager of the North Saskatchewan River Basin Council. She has been instrumental in increasing community engagement in watershed stewardship projects and implementing projects to protect and improve the natural resources in the watershed. Katherine has been one of Prairie Water’s key partners from the project’s inception working with us on several projects, including an early proof-of concept test of the tool being introduced at this workshop.

Katherine Finn - Culvert Modelling Applications PDF


Presentation 3

“Potential Applications for Ministry of Highways”

Amir Khatibi, Ministry of Highways, SK

Amir is a Senior Project Manager and Hydraulic Engineer with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Transport, working to maintain and improve the Province's road infrastructure. Amir is currently studying towards a Masters degree in Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. His research is exploring ways of improving hydraulic design in the context of complex prairie basin hydrology. The results of Amir's research will be a significant and much needed contribution to the practice of hydraulic engineering in the Prairies.

Amir Khatibi - Potential Applications for Ministry of Highways PDF




Below is a summary pamplet for Prairie Water Phase I (2017-2020).


Below are posters from the Global Water Futures Annual Open Science Meeting in Hamilton in 2018 given by Prairie Water researchers and students.