Integrated Modelling for Prediction and Management of Change in Canada’s Major River Basins


IMPC aims to provide an integrated platform for forecasting, prediction and decision making under uncertainty to address outstanding local- to national-scale challenges for the current and future quality and quantity of water in Canada’s major river basins. It provides a new paradigm for model development, integrated water management, and user engagement in Canada by integrating atmospheric science, hydrology and ecology with social science, computer science, economics, and water resource engineering, to build on and extend the core Global Water Futures (GWF) modelling, data, and knowledge mobilisation capabilities.

IMPC received $1.65 million from GWF and is among the 12 initial research projects across Canada who successfully received nearly $16.9 million in total from GWF over the next three years (until August 2020) to tackle some of Canada's most pressing water-related challenges. With an additional cash support of nearly $505 K, and an estimated in-kind contribution of nearly $11.85 million from our local, provincial, and federal partners, the total IMPC value is estimated to worth around $14 million.