Integrated Modelling for Prediction and Management of Change in Canada’s Major River Basins


The Integrated Modelling Program for Canada (IMPC) is a transdisciplinary research program that assembles a team of scientists and stakeholders from 6 Canadian universities, 12 government agencies and more than 10 users groups, providing a unique expertise that integrates atmospheric science, hydrology and ecology with social science, computer science, economics, and water resource engineering.

IMPC aims to develop a pan-Canadian integrated modelling platform to diagnose, simulate, and predict interactions amongst natural and human-driven water resource components of the changing Earth and environmental systems, and to deliver optimal decision-making tools and solutions for uncertain future water resources, considering the range of stakeholder needs in Canada’s major river basins.

The program is grounded in a new paradigm for integration, knowledge mobilization, and user engagement. It brings together heterogeneous groups of knowledge producers and knowledge users to enable prediction of new extremes and disaster events such as floods and droughts, and to address outstanding local- to national-scale water management challenges at the age of uncertainty and non-stationarity.