Theme D

User Engagement and Knowledge Mobilization

The primary objective of this theme is to include users as partners in scientific discovery and enhance the use of scientific findings in practice and decision-making. 

Research questions under this theme put users are the centre of the programme:

  1. How can our users become partners in scientific discovery and development?
  2. How can we optimize the transfer of scientific findings into practice and decision making process? 

The idea here is to assess knowledge systems that contribute to the project and incorporate user perspectives into modelling and build decisions support systems such as the following to support knowledge uptake:

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D1: Outreach and User Engagement

Informing model development and output design with inclusion of user community representative on modelling team, and iterative, two-way sharing of information between scientists and users.

D2: Visualization Tools and Decision Support Systems

Developing decision support systems with advanced visualization tools and expert systems built on research in Themes A-C and linked to the programme data inventories.