Engagement Surveys

In 2018, IMPC initiated the first of a series of user engagement surveys. These will be deployed periodically across the length of the research program (in years 1, 3 and 5) to collect longitudinal data about partner preferences, measure changes in perceptions about the research program, and learn more about how researchers and practitioners work together across the project.  

Several metrics about our social network are important to us. For example, we want our research network to be interdisciplinary, with strong relationships between those of different disciplinary backgrounds. Preliminary results from our 2018 survey show that there are five different discipline clusters involved in the project, and there are fairly strong ties between individuals in each of these groups.


Reciprocity is one way we measure the ‘strength’ of these relationships. Reciprocity means that individuals are both providing and receiving information from one another, as opposed to a one-way flow of information (either providing or receiving). Result from our 2018 survey revealed that reciprocity defines the majority (71%) of the relationships in the IMPC network. Further, one-third of the relationships are ongoing (as opposed to intermittent).

Other things we heard in responses to the 2018 survey included that our collaborators:

  • …usually have specific interests when it comes to participating in co-production activities, but have a general interest in overall progress and results of the project.
  • …are interested in receiving regular updates.
  • …want access to end-products associated with the research.
  • …can provide specific expertise and perspectives.
  • …want the opportunity to be heard and contribute.
  • …want the research to benefit their organization.
  • …want to co-produce processes and outcomes with IMPC researchers.