Highly Qualified Personnel

Syed Mustakim Ali Shah

MSc Student, Water Management Modelling

Caroline Aubry-Wake

PhD, Glacier Hydrology

Parya Beiraghdar

MSc Student, Systems Analysis

André Bertonicini

PhD Student, Precipitation observation and assimilation into models

Tom Brown

Research Engineer, CRHM coding

Sujata Budhathoki

Professional Research Associate, Water Quality Modelling

Diogo Costa

Postdoctoral Fellow, Prairie water quality modelling

Nhu Cuong Do

Postdoctoral Fellow, Water resources management under uncertainty

Leila Eamen

PhD Student, Water Resources Management

Cristian Espana

Technician, Web applications

Farzaneh Gardounzadeh

PhD Student, Instream water-quality modelling

Amin Islam

PhD Student, Wed-based collaboration

Kasra Keshavarz

MSc Student, Water Resources Modelling

Sebastian Krogh

PhD Student, Modelling hydrological response to climate change

Nicolas Leroux

PhD Student, Snowmelt Modelling

Zhaoqin Li

Postdoctoral Fellow, Remote sensing

Juliane Mai

Research Assistant Professor, Hydrologic modelling and computer science

Chris Marsh

PhD Student, Model development and robustness testing

Luis Morales Marin

Postdoctoral Fellow, Water quality modelling

Rute Pinto

Postdoctoral Fellow, Modelling and impact assessment of ecosystem services

Dhraj Pradhananga

PhD Student, Glacier hydrology modelling

Kabir Rasouli

Postdoctoral Fellow, Mountain and forest modelling

Dominique Richard

Postdoctoral Fellow, Yukon MESH modelling and forecasting

Hailey Robinchaud

MSc Student, Mountain snow hydrology modelling

Prabin Rokaya

Postdoctoral Fellow, MESH modelling

Lucia Scaff

PhD Student, High resolution regional climate modeling

Razi Sheikholeslami

PhD Student, Sensitivity, Uncertainty and Decision Analysis

Zelalem Tesemma

Postdoctoral Fellow, MESH modelling and data assimilation

Nicholas Wayand

Postdoctoral Fellow, Remote sensing and forecasting

Mohanad Zaghloul

PhD Student, Hydrology and Lake Modelling

Zhe Zhang

PhD Student, Modelling of land-atmosphere interaction