GWF PhD Student founds GNSS Reflectometry Blog

Yusof Ghiasi, PhD student at the University of Waterloo, developed the first and only online platform dedicated to sharing ideas, news, and reviews on Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) reflectometry.

Photo credit: Yusof Ghiasi

GPSCAT is a unique online platform focused on bringing together researchers in the field of GNSS reflectometry and related fields. GNSS reflectometry is a relatively new field in remote sensing and has a wide variety of applications in earth observations (EO).

Given the interdisciplinary nature of GNSS reflectometry, founder Yusof Ghiasi, PhD student at the University of Waterloo, recognized the need to bring together this relatively small group of researchers and provide a space to share ideas, news, interviews, and reviews on the topic.

“GPSCAT has great potential to provide researchers with a unique opportunity to network and brainstorm”, says Ghiasi. “Contributions are currently through invitations, but will soon be open to the broader GNSS reflectometry community in hopes of engaging with many related earth observation, engineering and math-physics disciplines.”

After launching in Winter 2020, GPSCAT has already engaged with a diverse audience ranging from grad students to NASA employees.

You can learn more about GPSCAT by visiting the website at

Ghiasi is a PhD student with the Global Water Futures Transformative sensor Technologies and Smart Watersheds (TTSW) project working under the supervision of Dr. Claude Duguay at the University of Waterloo.