Science and Art

Although science and art are both used to describe and understand the world around us, combining the two offers a unique approach to communicate scientific findings and impacts.

Global Water Futures scientists have teamed up with artists to share their scientific findings in a creative way. Merging art and science provides a new avenue to engage in conversations around the environmental changes 'cold regions' are experiencing and will continue to experience as the climate warms.  

“Art is such a powerful way to show the world what is happening. As a scientist, I am always looking for new ways to share research, and what he has created is beautiful and terrifying – a great conversation starter.” - John Pomeroy, GWF Director

Artist in Residence

GWF Artist in Residence, Gennadiy Ivanov, partnered with GWF Director John Pomeroy and Prof. Trevor Davies in 2019 to develop an art-science project on the impacts of climate change impacts in the circumpolar north.

Virtual Water Gallery

The Virtual Water Gallery is a GWF-funded science and art pilot project that aims to provide a safe, inclusive and collaborative space for fully open discussions between scientists, artists, and the general public, to explore past, present and future water-related (scientific) challenges.