Ohneganos: Let's Talk Water host Makasa Looking Horse with co-host Dexter Jimerson, a Six Nations member. (Photo from original article, linked)

Students’ Indigenous-led podcast forges global connections

Ohneganos: Let's Talk Water is a youth-led vodcast focused on sharing Traditional Ecological Knowledge, discussing current events, and talking about Ohneganos research

This article was written by Sonia Verma and is from McMaster Daily News

Makasa Looking Horse’s room looks like a mix of a studio and a sound editing suite. There are cameras, monitors, mics, lights and wires everywhere. What it doesn’t have is space to sleep.

That’s okay, she says. She doesn’t have a lot of time for sleep, and Ohneganos: Let’s Talk Water needs the space. That’s the Indigenous-led live broadcast series that Looking Horse co-produces with master’s student Hannah Grewal and Mac grad Kathryn Chen.

Originally meant to be a handful of webinars connecting the local community to a research project during the pandemic, it has taken off, its Facebook Live broadcasts amassing a weekly following across Canada and the world, with fans as far off as New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii...

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