Prof. John Pomeroy Presenting to United Nations

Professor John Pomeroy will be in New York on Friday, Sept. 23, presenting to the United Nations.

Professor John Pomeroy, Canada Research Chair in Water Resources and Climate Change at the University of Saskatchewan, and Director of the Global Water Futures Programme, will be in New York on Friday, Sept. 23, presenting to the United Nations (UN) in a high-level side event on the melting cryosphere and the ongoing threats to groundwater, streamflow and the sustainability of water resources management.

Dr. Pomeroy is a global expert on climate change in cold regions and an elected representative to the UN’s Water and Climate Coalition Steering Committee, which includes world leaders from Argentina, Canada, Netherlands, Pakistan, Switzerland, and others.

“It’s a great honour to represent academia and researchers from Saskatchewan, Canada and other cold regions around the globe on this critical issue,” said Pomeroy. “The science is clear, now we need to make real policy changes, and having the opportunity to work with the UN is a great step forward.”

This event will emphasize the importance of scientific cooperation and connecting scientific research, policy development, and action, and will develop a set of recommendations to enhance interface and interconnections among different components of the cryosphere, river basin hydrology, groundwater, and water vulnerability.

The event will be available for viewing through Zoom: 12pm – 1pm CST
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