Water commitment to SDGs approved by UN

GIWS and USask-led GWF program key partner towards achieving global water goals

Below is an excerpt from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals website. Please view the full entry on the UN SDG website.

Co-developing Pathways towards Water Sustainability in a Time of Global Change


The University of Saskatchewan Global Institute for Water Security (GIWS) through its Global Water Futures program (GWF) has focussed on the regional hydroclimate of northern North America and mountain cold regions around the world in order to: (1) improve disaster warning and develop forecasting capacity to predict the risk and severity of extreme events; (2) predict water futures through the use of Big Data and improved numerical models to assess changes in human/natural land and water systems; and (3) inform adaptation to change and risk management through governance mechanisms, management strategies, and policy tools and guidance. It has established 64 projects and core teams and 76 observation sites to address these objectives and is managed by a Strategic Management Committee drawn from multiple universities and government and advised by an International Advisory Committee, an Indigenous Advisory Committee, and a User Committee. Ultimate decision-making is by an Oversight Committee formed of Vice Presidents Research from the four core partner universities: Saskatchewan, Waterloo, McMaster and Wilfrid Laurier.

View the full entry on the UN SDG website.