The 2019 Annual Open Science Meeting of the Global Water Futures Program will take place in Saskatoon from May 15 - 17, 2019. The meeting's primary purpose is to provide the GWF community with an opportunity to come together and share their scientific findings and outcomes, activities and achievements with the GWF community and users/stakeholders. 



A detailed version of the draft meeting agenda is available by clicking here.  (This version is not final and is subject to minor changes.)  The general sequence of events is as follows: 

May 14

  • Most visitors will be arriving in Saskatoon 
  • Workshops and PD activities are being organized by the GWF Young Professionals (see below) 
  • Evening public event at the Roxy Theatre (7 - 9pm) including an expert panel and discussion on local/regional water issues

May 15 

May 16 

  • Meeting continues all day at TCU Place 
  • Evening banquet (TCU Place) 

May 17

  • Meeting ends at lunch time 

For more information on logistics and lodging visit the meeting page for full details: GWF 2nd Annual Open Science Meeting



Event Details

TCU Place Saskatoon, SK