Despite the exhortations of climate scientists over decades, action on climate change has been delayed too long. In the words of David Attenborough, “the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of our natural world is on the horizon”. That prospect, scientists say, will be unstoppable if major actions, not before attempted, are not taken over the next few years. Whether they are, or not, will determine to what extent the Earth remains inhabitable. The proposed project aims to represent that challenge, stimulating awareness amongst new audiences, via a range of techniques, styles, performance and media. The artist will have unprecedented access to the work of climate scientists, initially in Canada and the UK, and the project will be shown and performed at a number of venues including in the UK and Canada. The linkages between, and dislocations in, those natural systems and societies most at risk will be articulated and shown to the artist by practicing climate scientists – a fusion of science and art. Because of the unprecedented access to a global network of climate scientists, there is a realizable prospect of the project growing and evolving for exhibitions/performances around the world.  



The Hostry Norwich Cathedral Exhibition video tour