Submitting a story to GWF Science Features


About GWF Science Features

The Global Water Futures (GWF) Science Features is a research-based news hub focused on GWF's scientific initiatives, outcomes, and advancements. This outreach initiative provides GWF researchers, students, and staff to share their research outcomes in plain language to a broad audience ranging from fellow researchers to water enthusiasts. 


Submitting a Story

  • Science features will be open to submission from all GWF students, researchers, staff, and scientists.
  • Students, Research Assistants, and Post-Doctoral Fellows will be required to include their supervisor as coauthors and involve them in the development and submission stages of the process.
Format of Feature Article
  • The format of each article will be somewhat flexible and be based around short written articles illustrated by graphs, photographs, animations, story maps, or short videos (<2 min in length).
  • Ideally, the article will include hypertext references to published papers, news articles, and complementary reading or other media.
  • The article should be written in plain language and follow a story.
  • See the guide for developing GWF Science Features for further details. 
Submission and Approval Process

Writing: each article can be authored by one or more co-authors. Each co-author should contribute in some substantive way to writing or editing the work.

Initial Screening: the article will be submitted to the GWF Outreach Coordinator for initial screening. Feedback will include requests for additional information, clarification, or other edits. Once these are satisfied, the article may move onto the next step.

Reviewers Panel: once approved in the initial screening, the article will be reviewed by a panel of scientific and science communications experts from GWF to help strengthen the article.

Sharing/Distribution: Once approved by the reviewer's panel, the article will be shared broadly on social media and eNewsletters, and be shared with the author's home institution(s) for further distribution. Articles will be made available to media to reproduce at no cost (creative commons license).

  • The main point of contact for questions and inquiries will be the GWF Outreach Coordinator (



“My experience with submitting an article to GWF Science Features was great. Our feature was circulated widely among academic and industrial audiences and was the most engaged social media post I've ever had. I received communication from esteemed scientists and industry members, showing that many are actively reading plain-language articles. Through this feature, I had a chance to make connections to some companies and professionals in Europe and Australia that are active in soil and agriculture industry. Additionally, my participation with the GWF Science Feature initiative encouraged my participation in the Jack Rosen Pitch Competition which aids in establishing connections among academia, industry, and public.“

- Yusof Ghiasi, PhD Student Waterloo University