Picture of  Nancy Goucher

Nancy Goucher Knowledge Mobilization Specialist, University of Waterloo

Nancy Goucher is the new Knowledge Mobilization Specialist at the University of Waterloo’s Water Institute. In this role, she will be working under the Global Water Future’s program, Canada’s largest research initiative that will establish the country as a global hub for leading-edge, user-driven water science for the world’s cold regions. In her role, Nancy will ensure the knowledge that is produced is actively used and informs decision-making to help transform the way communities and governments prepare for and manage increasing water-related threats.

Nancy has previously held positions at Freshwater Future, Environmental Defence and the Forum for Leadership on Water (FLOW). Nancy graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Master’s degree in Planning in 2007.

Over the past ten years, Nancy has played an important role in shaping water policy conversations across Canada and particularly in the Great Lakes region. She has broad experience with an array of water issues but specific areas of focus include algal blooms, Asian carp, drinking water and agricultural policy. Nancy has helped successfully negotiate policies including the Canada-Ontario Lake Erie Action Plan, the Great Lakes Protection Act and the ban on plastic microbeads. She brings her extensive network, multidisciplinary experience and experience with policy decision-making to her new role at the Water Institute.