Picture of Dr. Zilefac Elvis Asong

Dr. Zilefac Elvis Asong Postdoctoral Fellow

Global Institute for Water Security, University of Saskatchewan

Zilefac Elvis Asong joined the Global Institute for Water Security in June 2012 to pursue a PhD. He holds a BSc. with honours in Physical Geography (2008) from the University of Buea, Cameroon and a Masters in Water Resources Engineering (2010) from Lund University, Sweden. He worked as a consulting hydrologist at COWI A/S Denmark in 2011. His research interests include: physical and regional climatology; the impact of climate change on hydrological regimes and water resources under non-stationarity; development of statistical downscaling models for downscaling of GCM outputs; regional flood frequency and risk analysis; seasonal hydrological forecast; analysis of drought characteristics; weather generation for water and agricultural applications. He obtained his PhD in December 2015 and received the Best Doctoral Thesis Award in Water Security Research from the GIWS. At present, he is contributing to the Canadian Changing Cold Region Network and Global Water Futures large-scale hydrological modeling team by bias-correcting CanRCM4 output for hydrological modelling; quantifying the cascade of uncertainty in CMIP5 projections over major Canadian river basins. Also, He is also developing regional scenarios of change by using an ensemble of high-resolution (4 * 4 km) regional climate model simulations based on WRF to study historical and future changes in the hydroclimatology of western Canada.

Further details about Elvis's research can be found on his website: http://elvisasong.com/