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Picture of Chris DeBeer

Chris DeBeer PhD Science Manager, Global Water Futures (GWF) & International Network for Alpine Research Catchment Hydrology (INARCH)

Chris has worked as a research assistant and research associate at the Global Institute for Water Security and the Centre for Hydrology, University of Saskatchewan since 2010.  He managed and contributed scientifically to the Changing Cold Regions Network (CCRN; 2013-2018) and has served as Science Manager for GWF since 2016 and INARCH since 2017.  His education background includes a B.Sc. (honours) degree in Physical Geography from the University of Saskatchewan (2004), an M.Sc. in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Alberta (2006), and a Ph.D. in Hydrology from the University of Saskatchewan (2012).  Chris’ current research interests are focused on mountain and cold regions snow and glacier hydrology, hydrological modelling, and understanding of the variability and response of Earth system processes to climate variation.  Research publications are available here: