The Nutrient App project aims at supporting the reduction of nutrient export to rivers and lakes by engaging citizens, farmers and water quality managers in the real-time monitoring of dissolved nutrient concentrations  (N, P) in aquatic freshwater systems. The mobile application allows obtaining on-farm instantaneous community-based nutrient measurements with an accuracy of <30% based on cheap commercially available test kits. The mobile app can be used to monitor the quality of wells, streams, wetlands and lakes. It will enable to identify possible sources and hotspots of contamination, which will empower the participants to take remedial action. The measurements are georeferenced and can be uploaded to a server managed by the GWF’s data management team. The results will be displayed in a map that can be visualized directly through the app or from a web browser for further analysis.

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  • To enhance the potential and accuracy of cheap instantaneous colorimetric based test kits
  • The Nutrient App Measures both NO3 and PO4, but can be potentially extended to other water quality variables
  • Measurement of NO3 using Hach Nitrate Test Strips
  • Measurement of PO4 using API Phosphate Test Kit
  • Measurement Range:
    • NO3: 0-50 mg/l
    • PO4: 0-10 mg/l
  • Cost: ~ $1/ Sample

How it works

An introduction to the Nutrient App

Measurement Procedure

Demonstration of how to use the Nutrient App
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Diogo Costa

Research Scientist, Environment and Climate Change Canada