The Virtual Water Gallery

A SciArt Collaborative Pilot Project


The Virtual Water Gallery is a science and art pilot project being launched by the Global Water Futures program. This project aims to provide a safe, inclusive and collaborative space for fully open discussions between scientists, artists and the wider public, to explore past, present and future water-related (scientific) challenges. As part of this pilot project, we are hoping to connect 10 Canada-based artists with GWF teams of scientists, for them to co-explore specific water scientific challenges, identified beforehand by the artists. These collaborations will lead to the creation of art pieces by the artists (with a variety of art media), exhibited online on a virtual water gallery by the Spring 2021, for all to see and interact with. The hope is that these pieces open up discussions about pressing water related challenges to a wider audience via the gallery space.


Introduction to the Virtual Water Gallery

This webinar highlights the main goals and outcomes from the project, and provides context as to how it fits in with the GWF program. The artists participating in the project were also in attendance to introduce themselves.
Introduction to the Virtual Water Gallery