Thematic Priorities

Model based seasonal streamflow forecasting (figure credit: Louise Arnal)

Operational hydrologic forecasting includes many components (e.g., downscaling Numerical Weather Prediction model output, data assimilation, post-processing, visualization, etc.). We will advance hydrologic prediction capabilities in three main areas:

a. System development: Building system, like the SHARP system at NCAR, to couple/schedule forecasting components (model spin up, data assimilation, downscaling numerical weather prediction model output, forecast runs, post-processing, visualization);

b. Hydrologic prediction development: Focused research on critical areas in hydrologic forecasting, especially downscaling, data assimilation, and forecast post-processing;

c. Hydrologic prediction testbeds: Implement test-beds for specific basins (e.g., the Bow and the Grand) to enable rapid prototyping of new prediction methods.

Faculty Leads


Highly Qualified Personnel